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These easy to follow, step by step, “D.I.Y.”  courses are a great way to learn the basics needed for successful campaign strategies and implementation for effective Social Media, Video, and other marketing campaigns for you and your business. As a member you’ll be notified when new future content is added that you can access as an active subscriber, as well as current news briefs and tips sent directly to you via email.

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Kevin Neff Skull Sessions

“If you’re going to put in the time and effort to market yourself using social media platforms and video, you need to know what to do, you need to know how to do it, and most importantly you need to know…WHY to do it.”

~ Kevin Neff

Kevin Makes Sense Media


YouTube 101

Google Business Profiles

 This video training will assist you in getting an understanding of Google Business Profiles, set-up, optimizing with SEO, and so
much more!

(14 videos)

YouTube 101

LinkedIn Basics Training

With these screen share training videos you will learn all the basics on how to create and setup your LinkedIn profile, search your target audience, enhance profile visibility, follow hashtags and more!

(10 videos)

YouTube 101

LinkedIn Advanced Training

These short screen share training videos pick up where the basic training ends, and will show you how to create groups, get followers, and optimize your campaigns to maximize traffic & results!

(40 videos)

YouTube 101

TikTok Marketing 101

Learn the basic fundamentals of TikTok to promote and market you and your business with these great tips and strategies. This is an excellent video training, for beginners or novices.

(10 videos)

YouTube 101

TikTok Ad Training 101

In this screen share video training, you will gain an understanding of the basics of running a successful ad campaign on TikTok and learn how to create, execute, and measure your own campaigns.

(10 videos)

YouTube 101

TikTok Advanced Ad Training

These short, easy to follow screen share training videos pick up where the basic training ends and will show you how to implement and use the video editor, create lead generation ads, A/B testing, and other great tips.

(30 videos)

YouTube 101

Instagram Reels Training 101

With this training you’ll learn the basics on how to use Instagram Reels in your online marketing strategies, with goal of gaining more views and followers by implementing.

(10 videos)

YouTube 101

YouTube 101

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. With this video course you’ll gain practical guidance and instruction on how to plan and execute a successful YouTube marketing strategy.

(8 videos)

YouTube 101

YouTube Shorts

Learn the techniques that will enable the creation of YouTube Shorts videos in the right way to achieve the best results. Learn the benefits of adding YouTube Shorts to your online marketing strategy to gain more views and subscribers.

(10 videos)

Sample Training Video

YouTube 101

Video Marketing Basics

With this video training you will learn the benefits of video marketing for business. You will learn effective tips and strategies to create, promote and optimize your videos. This is a MUST take training for any business owner!

(11 videos)

Sample Training Video



Instagram Reels

Learn the basics to get started with Instagram Reels as well as uncovering tips and strategies to tap into the incredible marketing potential of this new app phenomenon.

Breakthrough Leadership

Instagram Reels Ads

Take advantage of these great tips, strategies, and ideas for placing effective Instagram Reels Ads with this easy to follow mini training guide.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

With this must have guide for agents and brokers, you’ll learn step-by-step how to navigate the cluttered and noisy world of online marketing!
YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Create a YouTube channel with the potential to generate income. Learn marketing strategies, video optimization, promotion and more in this easy to follow training guide.
Tips for Productivity When Working at Home

Maximize Productivity Working From Home

Learn great tips and strategies for increased productivity and success when working from home!

YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

Start applying these 22 simple and actionable tricks to your videos to get them ranking higher and generating more traffic from both YouTube and Google today!

Video Marketing

An Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

This training guide will help make the most of your video-first marketing strategy, without sacrificing precious time and energy. A must for novices to savvy marketers.

Market with Social Media

Market With Social Media

Educate yourself with these 29 ways to market your brand, business, or products via these various social media platforms. Get motivated to take action with the tips and suggestions included.

Linked In

LinkedIn Basics Training

LinkedIn® has 500 million plus active users from 200 countries worldwide meaning it’s a global professional network. With this easy to understand and implement training guide, you’ll learn how to tap into this popular social media’s platform for potential new leads and clients.

Breakthrough Leadership
Breakthrough Leadership

These inspirational quotes will provide you the edge
needed when creating your OWN success!

Breakthrough Leadership

Learn winning strategies from the heads of Amazon, Twitter,
J.Crew, and several other cutting-edge companies.

Breakthrough Leadership

Inc.’s 10 Strategies for Success: Lessons from Jeff Bezos, Google, Elon Musk, Warby Parker, and more!


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